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Our six person swat recruiting team has placed over 1,600 candidates and can identify the most talented HiPo individuals in the marketplace. Our executive recruiters have transparent and direct conversations to qualify candidates that match to our client needs, all driving a better longer term match.


Diversity Recruitment with a better inclusion process

We take pride in being the go to executive search and consulting when it comes accurate, efficient and inclusive diversity hiring. Our expertly gathered short-lists cover even the most complex hiring obstacles and diversity goals; over 90% of our candidates presented are interviewed by the client. 


Success Rate on Each Executive Search

Weekly screen share to ensure our mutual search success


Shortlist Of Qualified Candidates in an Average of 21 Days

At least 6 team members on every search to ensure success


Candidates are promoted within 3 years

On average we have 100% more offer acceptance than our clients


A top 10 Executive Search firm with global reach.

As members of the Sanford Rose Associates © network of offices, our industry knowledge and commitment to excellence provides the platform to offer superior service to every industry, business, and career we touch.

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