When it comes to culture and inclusion, companies often focus on the importance of culture fit. Finding a candidate who blends seamlessly into the mold and doesn’t rock the boat with their attitude, values, and thoughts. However, the real motivation is not to find people who will fit into your culture; that’s an antiquated approach. Companies need to hire people that will push the boundaries that will add knowledge and perspective.

When companies hire from the same source (employee referrals, alumni boards, etc.), it leads to an environment that is eerily similar across the board. While it is important that employees get along and perhaps have similar values, it is not as important as some companies are touting.

Diverse culture is irreplaceable in business. There is increased innovation, improved problem solving, enhanced customer understanding, and improved employee engagement. All of this stems from a mix of perspectives and backgrounds, something companies can’t get if their internal culture never evolves. If culture doesn’t change, everything becomes stagnant and there is no business reward.

Companies can implement practices such as inclusive hiring and recruitment, diversity training, and employee resource groups. These efforts can help to promote a more inclusive workplace that values and celebrates diversity, ultimately leading to improved business outcomes.

At Talent Partners, our approach to culture and diversity is experience; we have a six-person SWAT recruiting team assigned to each search that identifies as many qualified candidates as possible. We have the business intelligence and skills to create diversity pools and ultimately find quality candidates for our clients. Contact us today to learn more.

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