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Engaged Search and Management Consulting

At Talent Partners, we work closely and collaboratively with our client partners, learning every aspect of your infrastructure and management philosophy in an effort to anticipate your present and potential hiring needs.

By developing a comprehensive understanding of your company and real-time perspectives on the markets you occupy, Talent Partners streamlines the sourcing and interviewing process using AI and Machine Learning. This allows us to effectively engage and secure the very best sales, human resources, professional services consulting, industrial manufacturing, finance, fintech, and technology professionals.

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Engaged Search

We are a hybrid retained search firm setting the industry standard for quality placement and speed of delivery. The Talent Partners process has been perfected over nearly 30 years—a system of engagement designed to deliver superior performance-driven professionals capable of manifesting real business growth and cultural diversification.

  • A 97 percent search completion rate with a money-back guarantee
  • 21-day average to the achievement of a search solution, from the day of the client kick-off call
  • A team of six experienced recruiters is assigned to every search, casting a wider and deeper net 
  • Committed to providing diverse candidate options 
  • Weekly screen shares ensure a transparent hiring process


Management Consulting

The talent lifecycle is ever-changing and we keep up with industry news and trends to help our clients attract and retain top candidates and employees. We learn about your current structure, talent, culture and processes to better understand the organization's strengths and challenges. We identify areas of improvement and combine industry knowledge and analysis to design customized solutions.

Our expertise lies in growth, innovation, transformation, and improvement. Our unique strategies were created for individual, small, and mid-sized clients to efficiently and effectively discover management solutions. Whether you need help building your sales pipeline or keeping up the operations to support it, our management consulting team delivers successful solutions.


PEO Broker

A PEO, or professional employer organization, is a type of full-service human resource outsourcing known as co-employment. In this arrangement, the PEO performs various employee administration tasks, such as payroll, benefits, healthcare, tax compliance, HR policy, workers compensation, & more, which allows clients to do what they do best. 

By developing a comprehensive understanding of your company & challenges, Talent Partners can align you with a custom fit solution.  We will help you understand what outsourcing can do for you and match you to the best options for your business.

We are a registered PEO / EOR Broker with relationships with firms across the nation.



Leadership Development Coaching

You can’t predict what tomorrow looks like for your organization, but the right leadership & professional development  can help you be prepared for anything.  We partner with clients to help them unlock their peoples' potential and propel their organizations forward. 

Our Leadership Development Coaches will build a program designed to help your leaders increase effectiveness, manage change, and drive agility.  Featuring assessments, case studies, and market research, our coaching program is centered around what success looks like for you and your organization, whoever and wherever they are.

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