Do I Need a PEO?

Do I Need a PEO?

Your PEO Solution

Discover an unparalleled advantage with Talent Partners – your trusted partner in executive search and Professional Employer Organization brokerage services. As a leading high touch executive search firm with a specialized focus on PEOs, we transcend traditional brokerage roles by seamlessly integrating our expertise in both realms. Our dual perspective empowers us, and by extension, our clients, with unique insights and strategic advantages that set us apart from conventional brokers. 

With a deep understanding of the intricacies of the PEO sector cultivated over years of experience, we possess the ability to navigate its complexities. From comprehending operational dynamics to discerning strengths and weaknesses, we possess an intimate knowledge of the industries’ internal landscapes. This allows us to craft tailored solutions that align with our clients' distinct requirements, whether in terms of geography, industry nuances, or services required. 

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PEO Fast Facts

  • According to economist Laurie Bassi’s research, firms that utilize a PEO have 40% better revenue growth, 14-16% lower turnover rates, and are 50% less likely to go out of business. 
  • The industry’s 200K+ clients represent 17% of all employees with between 10 and 99 employees. 
  • PEO clients can expect an impressive ROI of 27.2% per year based solely on cost savings, so it is essential to pick the right partner.

Let's Connect

We don't just match clients with PEOs – we orchestrate partnerships rooted in mutual success. With relationships with firms across the nation, we can recommend a short list that best matches your needs. Harness the power of our expertise to find your ideal partner and let us be your broker resource.  

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