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Drive revenue. Promote growth. Secure the sales talent to keep you competitive.

You don’t want the average salesperson. You want the best, the top-producing salesperson capable of providing the financial inertia necessary for your organization to get on the path of sustainable business growth.

Our sales team know the highly competitive nature of sales and the passionate people who enjoy success in this space. We build relationships, establish long-term connections, and employ a network dedicated to the diversity inherent in the scope of sales. Our Executive Search work in SaaS, HCM, PEO & Professional Services often reach globally in the Americas, EMAE & APAC.

Our approach to sales recruitment

We find those sales professionals driven to be the best.

The sales recruiters at Talent Partners dive deeper, doing the research an effective search strategy requires to acquire the top-performing sales, business development, and sales management professionals within local and global areas and across all major industries.

We have spent almost three decades helping businesses across industries provide the necessary capital for expansion by connecting them with the sales talent and leadership who match their culture and targeted development goals. We accomplish this through a commitment to absolute transparency and productive diversity, approaching every client partnership as a deeply personal and collaborative venture.

Functional Areas

Chief Sales Office (CSO)
Chief Revenue Officer (CRO)
Head of Growth
Director of Enterprise Sales
Director of SMB Sales
Senior Account Executive

Current candidates

A few Exceptional Candidates

These are some exceptional candidates we feel stand out from their peers in communication, skills and accomplishments.

Recent News

Real resources
provide perspective.

The industries we work within, the varied clients we serve, and the exceptional candidates we help position have provided us with the ability to empathize—to see this process from every angle. We want to pass that knowledge on to you.

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