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Secure the AI talent to keep you competitive.

You do not want to be the average company. You want the best, the top producing Artificial Intelligence team capable of guiding your organization to the path of sustainable business growth. 

Our team knows the highly competitive nature of AI and the passionate people who enjoy success in this space. We build relationships, establish long-term connections, and employ a network dedicated to the diversity inherent in the scope of AI, Machine Learning and Data Science. Our Executive Search process has been refined to partner with clients in most areas of Artificial Intelligence across the Americas, EMAE & APAC regions.  


Experience-driven AI talent acquisition

Our work in Big Four and $1B & under firms is what has positioned us to be an effective search partner for nearly 30 years. No matter how challenging a search assignment seems, our experienced AI recruiters get the job done. We’ve helped dozens of named data intensive startups, high-tech, and consultancies grow Machine Learning practices and teams, helping businesses remain competitive in a highly contentious industry. 

We partner with clients to deliver valuable market intelligence from competitors, industry trends, and candidate discussions. We connect them with impactful talent and leadership candidates who make impactful differences. Talent Partners has been recruiting in Data Science and Big Data for over a decade across AI, OpenAI and ChatGPT4. We accomplish this through our commitment to technology and use of AI technologies, which allows us to be progressive recruiters with a cutting-edge search model. 

Functional Areas

SVP Data Architecture
Head of Machine Learning (ML)
VP Predictive Analytics
Director of AI Engineering
Business Intelligence (BI)
Machine Learning Engineer

Current candidates

A few Exceptional Candidates

These are some exceptional candidates we feel stand out from their peers in communication, skills and accomplishments.

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The industries we work within, the varied clients we serve, and the exceptional candidates we help position have provided us with the ability to empathize—to see this process from every angle. We want to pass that knowledge on to you.

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