Make people decisions with data 


Are you ready to make people decisions with data?

Knowledge is power and there is nothing more powerful than your people. Organizations that are looking to grow and development their people often utilize assessments across pre-hire and development. There are dozens of companies offering insights and profiles on people and it can be hard to decide which one fits your needs. Below is a snapshot of some of the most popular assessment companies in the marketplace. 

Hogan assessments utilize the largest database of working adults and are the most reliable in validity and accuracy. They are focused on diversity and measure personality characteristics, career derailment risks, and core values.  

DiSC assessments are backed by Wiley, one of the oldest publishers of scientific and technical references; imeasures 4 personality points and how inclined people are to use them.  

Caliper profiles are designed to assess an individual’s personality characteristics and individual motivations to predict on-the-job behaviors and potential; these profile results are measured against a validated job to view compatibility. 

Organizations can benefit from assessments in: 

  • Recruitment & selection 
  • Employee development 
  • Performance management 
  • Organizational design 
  • Succession planning 
  • Team building 
  • Conflict resolution & coaching 
  • Leadership & executive coaching 

According to a series of LinkedIn polls and surveys to our hiring managers, Talent Partners has found that: 

  • 40% of companies are using Hogan Assessments  
  • 70% of companies use assessments pre-hire and 30% use it post-hire (ongoing development and reskilling)  
    • Of the 30% using it post-hire, 50% use it for team development, 35% for executive coaching, and 17% for high potential assessments  

If you’re looking to make people decisions with data and introduce assessments into your company, reach out to Cassie LaChance, a Hogan Certified Solutions Partner. She is trained to interpret and coach individuals & organizations with the layered approach of three assessments. Connect with us today. 

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