Five Advantages of an Engaged Search When Hiring Executive and Leadership-Level Talent

Finding the right talent can be difficult–especially when hiring executive and leadership-level talent. You’ve likely heard of retained search, but maybe not Engaged Search (sometimes called Container Search) and what it involves. There are many advantages that can make recruiting far easier. That’s why we’re breaking down some of the benefits, so you can hire the candidate that’s right for you.

What Is Engaged Search?

Engaged search can be described as a partnership between a client and a recruiting agency. Unlike contingent searches but like retained searches, Engaged Search involves a smaller upfront fee and can feel more expensive. However, because the agency pairs up with you from the very beginning of the recruitment search, they are with you every step along the way. From defining the job requirements to advising you on how to advertise the opening, they’re there with you until the role is filled.

Advantages of An Engaged Search

Quick Communication

Because you are working alongside a recruiting agency, its sole focus is to work with you whenever you need. They’re constantly “on-call,” which means you can expect to hear back from them immediately.

Higher Priority

Although a recruiting agency is hired to help you, whether it’s contingent or Engaged, when working under an engaged search, you get top priority with the agency. The upfront payment ensures that you will be their number one focus over those that are commissioned-based.

Mitigating Risk

When working with a contingent search, you’ll likely deal with a speedy process. The focus is on getting as many resumes in front of you as possible rather than the quality of the talent presented. The faster they get someone in the position, the quicker they get paid. And while there’s nothing wrong with this approach, you run the risk of hiring a candidate that’s not highly qualified.

When working with an engaged search, the agency will typically speak to a candidate multiple times, including at least one face-to-face interview. When they invest this time with potential employees, they can determine whether or not they have the necessary skills and mindset for your business. Retained may take longer, Engaged will save you time and money in the long run as the average short list delivery is 21 days. On a retained search, you are committed to 2/3 the price of the search no matter the outcome; however, engaged search, you mitigate that risk by only committing to the smaller upfront deposits.

Better Understanding of the Market

An engaged search is an extremely comprehensive process. Rather than listing a job and attracting those open to a job (the norm for contingent searches), an engaged search involves mapping the entire market to bring you at least 50-70 individuals who may excel in the position. From there, the candidates are screened, interviewed, and narrowed down to a small group of 5-7–all of which you’re going to want to hire.

Increases The Likelihood of Hiring Top Talent, HiPO candidates

It’s no secret that when a company reaches out with the help of an Engaged or retained recruiting agency, a potential candidate feels a sense of pride. You are actively seeking them out, even if they’re not in the midst of searching for a job. That holds power. It shows you are committed to finding the right person for the role. This dedication can be extremely beneficial when you’re looking for top talents, such as executives and leadership-level candidates.

When you’re looking for quality over quantity, an engaged search is necessary. Because of the upfront financial investment, you can feel confident knowing that the recruiting agency will find you high-quality talent, so you can focus on other essential tasks necessary for running your business.

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