Community Health & Society

Community Health and its role in society

Community Health refers to non-clinical approaches for improving health, preventing disease, and reducing health disparities through addressing social behavioral, environmental, economic, and medical determinants of health in a geographically defined population. It considers social, economic, cultural, and environmental factors. Are you recruiting for Community Health positions? Here are some important things to keep in kin


Health Education:

  • Making people aware of risk factors such as smoking tobacco, poor nutrition and being physically inactive.
  • One way to start improving community health is by educating young children in elementary school.
  • Community health educators develop important initiatives that focus on the health education of specific communities.  They take into account the economic, cultural and social aspects of individuals in a community.



  • It’s working in communities in a culturally suitable manner.
  • Improving community health takes a village; public health professionals, government agencies, educating people on how to take care of themselves.
  • Community Health provider needs to have access to services/resources for the community that should include medical, mental health, dental.  Then educate and empower the individuals on how and where to get these resources.



  • Access to good quality healthcare should be available to everyone.  Helping people get access to resources for their physical, mental, and financial health.
  • Food insecurity should also be addressed. People who are food insecure often don’t know where/how to find it.  A healthy diet can often help an individual’s physical or mental health because they feel better with a healthier diet.  Finding and being able to afford healthy food is often difficult.  Having access to food pantries that serve healthy food is an option.


Community Health involves a multi-faceted approach that integrates healthcare services, health education, prevention strategies, and community engagement to achieve optimal health outcomes. Recruiting for community health can be daunting, but not if you have a partner by your side. It’s important to have strong individuals leading community health initiatives; if your company is in need of a Community Health executive, reach out to us today.

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