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Located in the Insurance Capital of the World, Talent Partners specializes in identifying and placing top-tier talent in the insurance industry. Our executive search services (based in Hartford, CT) are tailored to find leaders who can drive organizations forward. Whether a client is looking for a CEO, CFO, or a specialized insurance executive, we have the expertise to find the right fit for them.

We provide comprehensive talent mapping and market intelligence services; our team is tapped into the insurance industry’s evolving landscape, offering insights into current market trends, salary benchmarks, and competitor analysis. This strategic intelligence enables our partners to make informed decisions about your talent acquisition strategy.

Expert Recruitment for the Insurance World

  1. Life and Health Insurance: We understand the unique challenges and opportunities in this area and can source executives who are adept at navigating this dynamic landscape.
  2. Property and Casualty Insurance: We can identify leaders who are not only knowledgeable but also innovative and adaptive. Our candidates are skilled in managing risks and driving growth in this sector.
  3. Reinsurance and Risk Management: Our candidates understand the complexities of the global insurance market and are equipped to handle the sophisticated needs of your business.
  4. Insurance Technology and Innovation: As the insurance industry embraces digital transformation, we help you find leaders who are at the forefront of technology and innovation. We connect our clients with executives who can lead their organizations through the digital revolution, ensuring that they stay ahead of the curve.

Functional Areas

Chief Operations Officer (COO)
Chief People Officer (CPO)
Head of Sales
VP of Talent
Sector Leader

Current candidates

A few Exceptional Candidates

These are some exceptional candidates we feel stand out from their peers in communication, skills and accomplishments.

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The industries we work within, the varied clients we serve, and the exceptional candidates we help position have provided us with the ability to empathize—to see this process from every angle. We want to pass that knowledge on to you.

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