Why Partner with a Smaller Search Firm


Why Your Company Should Choose a Small Firm as a Search Partner


According to IBIS World, an industry market research company, there are 6,049 Executive Search Recruiters in the US, with a market size of $9B. With an abundance of options, it can be daunting finding the right Executive Search Partner for your company and open requisition.

Large Firms

It might be tempting to go with the largest and flashiest search firm; they have hundreds (if not thousands) of employees and a seemingly endless database. However, a potential problem with a large Search firm is that they’re generalists stretched too thin. Every recruiter at these firms is balancing half a dozen open positions – possibly across different industries and different clients. Large search firms are also often working on a dozen or so searches that are the exact same – meaning candidates perfect for your role are also being submitted to your competitors.

Small Firms

If a large search firm isn’t the ideal partner, the obvious answer is to partner with a smaller firm. Firms with a smaller number of employees are often niche ones (whether across an industry or a function), meaning they will have deep experience in what the client needs.

There’s no question that the smaller firms don’t have as many clients as large firms, but it means smaller firms can recruit from more competitors. With less “hands off” agreements, small firms can zero in on client competitors and find the best qualified candidates. If a huge portion of the market is off-limits, how can a client be shown the full range of candidates on or off the market?

A small company can focus on every client and every open requisition’s requirements. At Talent Partners, we utilize 6-person search teams to ensure thoroughness in each search with an emphasis on a diverse, high-performance candidate short list. Every team member knows their job and there is time for a complete and in-depth search of any and all qualified candidates.

If your company has a high priority opening that needs to be filled, reach out to us to learn how Talent Partners can help you hire top talent with a definitive ROI.

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