Uncover “Hidden” Leaders

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Uncover “Hidden” Leaders

Often times companies gain leaders in one of two ways; cultivating from the inside (programs, training, etc.) or hiring externally. While these are practices are tried and true, organizations are missing out on a talent source: internal “hidden” leadership potential. These individuals might have fallen under the radar because they aren’t as outgoing as their co-workers or have an unconventional background. However, they can be highly qualified to take a position at the top and can bring a fresh or unique perspective. Here are some ways upper management can find passive leaders in their organization:

1. Look into employee’s backgrounds: map out who leverages technology, has a certain degree, or has specific training experience.

2. Look for some of these identifiers: demonstrated integrity, leading through relationships, results focused, and customer focused.

3. “Bait” employees: entice leaders to identify themselves by offering them rewards for things like inspirational leadership or problem solving skills. If companies know what qualities they’re looking for they can customize a plan to find those specific items.

4. Ask around: a person’s leadership capabilities might be more apparent to their peers than to management. People who work with each other on a day to day basis will have a better grasp on one another’s skills and abilities than someone who doesn’t.

Leaders are essential in every organization, so it makes sense to turn every stone to find the best fit.


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