The Most Valuable Type of Employee

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The Most Valuable Type of Employee

No matter what industry you work in or position you have open, hiring a “360-degree” individual will never steer you wrong. This type of employee is an asset because they move in every direction; they’re aware of not only what’s happening in their role, but in the roles around them, hence the term “360-degree.” Their broad mindset means that they see the bigger picture and can act in accordance to complete goals, identify KPI’s, and be in tune with the needs of others. A “360-degree” employee is someone who can step into a handful of different roles and be able to accomplish their tasks, which contributes to business goals/results. These individuals are invaluable because they can anticipate problems and opportunities and truly impact the success of any team they join. Here are things to look for in order to spot a 360° employee:

  1. They’re cross functional: these individuals are capable (and willing) to work outside of their defined roles in order to help the team in anyway.
  2. They’re always curious: they are never tired of learning and constantly want to grow their knowledge base.
  3. They scan the environment: they’re observant of what’s happening in the business world around them. They’re aware of trends, products, problems, and what competitors are doing.
  4. They build relationships: they connect with people outside of their area of expertise and try to learn as much as possible. They gather information, get/give advice, and help others.
  5. They’re focused on the future: they’re aware of the past and current climate and are always looking ahead to identify/evaluate threats and opportunities.
  6. They have fluid leadership: they know when to step forward in a situation, but they also know when to take a step back from power when it’s best for their team.
  7. They multitask: while many people can, 360° can multitask across different disciplines, roles, and levels.

What qualities (whether on this list or not!) have you seen in your 360° employees?


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