Insurance Case Study

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Insurance Case Study

A Fortune 500 Consulting Company teamed up with Talent Partners to hire 20 technical consultants for their new insurance vertical. Their existing sales team did not possess the technical background to effectively sell the complex pairing of services and solutions. Talent Partners was given a timeframe of 4 months to find individuals with the perfect blend of service and solution selling, with technical acumen to aid in accelerating growth.

Using a team of six researchers and recruiters, Talent Partners sourced up and down the East Coast for these subject matter experts. In the end, hubs of the proper insurance consultants were identified within 10 cities and the team drove pipelines, qualified candidates, and interviewed simultaneously. Every targeted city had over 10 highly qualified candidates, which netted 3 to 5 candidates in each shortlist that the client interviewed and selected from.

All positions were hired for and within a year, the client had determined that Talent Partners’ hires outperformed any internally selected candidates in all critically important areas.  These selected candidates nationally improved Business Development RFP win rates by over 100%. The result was increased revenue by over 30% in the first 12 months with the anticipated gain in the following year in excess of 3x revenue gain.

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