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A leading Human Capital Management (HCM) platform providing software & support to help businesses grow engaged Talent Partners to fill two positions: a VP of Sales and a Director of Sales. The plan was to build out sales revenue in the SMB and Enterprise markets with plans to sell, as the VC exit plan was within two years.

They needed help identifying two visionary leaders to realign SMB and Enterprise sales in North America. This VP would manage and accelerate the segment’s growth, implementing a world-class sales methodology for their team. The accomplished Director would work directly with the VP and execute the plan.

Inside a month, Talent Partners identified several candidates for each position, with the company making both hires. Within four months the VP and Director restructured the US sales team, and the Director hire was promoted to a VP.

The successful outcome was achieved in both increased revenue and a successful sale of the company, with revenue increasing by 14% the following year.

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