What is Engaged Search?

Otherwise known as delimited search, engaged search is what could be classified as a hybrid of retained and contingent search. This means a retainer is paid up front from the client to the search firm, usually not as high as retained, and the balance is paid when the candidate is placed. Clients will not sign on more than one search firm for a specific job under an engaged search. Therefore, the deposit up front is a commitment on the client’s end to dedicate this job solely to the search firm. On the search firm’s end, they now have an obligation to the client to deliver a candidate. Their competitive advantage is delivering high quality candidates for the position who are more likely to be successful and have a long career at the company.

An Engaged Search firm works under a mutual commitment with their clients. They have clear focus on their work because they are only working on assignments that have critical importance to their clients which are backed by a significant retainer deposits. Engaged firms will spend more infrastructure costs on each search with significantly more depth in the search process and work on fewer of them because they have made the commitment to their clients to succeed.