Talent Partners Approach

Our success is predicated on the fact that we have the infrastructure, resources and reach of the large agencies with the agility, personal touch and energy of the boutique firms. We are professionals who have experience working with investors in a wide range of traditional and emerging markets and business verticals.

Our research based methodology combined with our multi-person team approach assigned to each search allows us to provide exceptional value to our clients, including:

  • Recruiting operating executives with a track record of making a strong positive impact on profitability and EBITDA
  • Our process is designed to identify, engage and successfully and recruit individuals based on their leadership skills, operational experience, emotional intelligence, and cultural fit to best align to the business needs and strategies of your portfolio companies
  • We have broad access to talent because we are not encumbered by the blockage and recruiting limit challenges that constrain some larger search firms
  • We have a more cost effective fee structure and risk mitigating fee structure than classic retained search firms
  • We are proud of our track record to deliver high caliber talent within 21 days