Talent Management Case Studies

Talent Partners specializes in recruiting high potential executive and leadership candidates for Human Capital Management organizations.


Case Study #1 

  • A global Management Consulting firm needed help launching a new suite of services offerings.  The sales team did not possess the technical background to effectively sell the complex pairing of services and solutions in the new Talent Management industry vertical.  Their need was to install 20 global experts at the intersection between service and solution selling, with technical acumen to aid in customizing their client’s delivery. Our objective was to do this in less than 6 months:
  • The process:
    • Talent Partners deployed a team of six researchers and recruiters to work sourcing the appropriate subject matter experts across the Americas, EMEA, & APAC
    • Drove pipelines, qualified candidates, and interviews simultaneously across 20 cities globally.

Case Study #2 

  • A global Talent Management company needed help launching a critically important Practice Vertical.  The company did not have a leader to take them through this pivotal transformation, which would guide not only a new revenue vertical but also assist in maneuvering the overall direction and capability of the entire organization. Our objective was to find an executive with the unique blend of strategic vision, tactical capabilities, and executive leadership expertise.
  • The process:
    • Collaborated across the executive team to triangulate the culture, what success looks like a year later and of what soft skill set would make this individual most successful across the organization.
    • Worked closely across the aisle to bring challenging financial barriers to a successful conclusion.
    • Through our efforts naturally consulted with the full executive team to identify other open positions that would round out the organization’s certainty for success.