Talent Partners Client Solutions

Talent Acquisition for Clients:

Commit to us with a small engaged deposit, and we’ll commit to getting it done right. The deposit is offset by the agreed upon fee upon the candidates start date and refundable if we fail to deliver the qualified candidate short list. Our fee for service is kept low by making sure that everything we work on is a qualified need by our clients. Call us to inquire about our first time offer to new clients - our results are guaranteed in our SLA.


Talent Acquisition for Start-Ups:

If you’re heavy on ideas but light on financial resources, with a small deposit, we’ll bring you the talent you need now and work the rest out over time. We’ll work with you around your financial capabilities.


Talent Acquisition for Established Small Businesses:

Let us manage all your talent acquisition needs throughout the year under a single point of contact and special fee agreement that will bring your cost of acquisition down to a manageable number.