Our Executive Search Methodology and Process

At Talent Partners, our recruiting strategy begins with gaining firsthand knowledge of our clients’ infrastructure, management philosophy, and precise human capital requirements. We are just as thorough in revealing the goals and motivation of candidates we present. We want these potential employees to be as excited about your company’s future as you are. By developing an even better understanding of your company and the job market, Talent Partners can streamline the sourcing and interviewing process while quickly finding the very best talent for the position by uncovering possibilities never considered.

The Talent Partners’ process has evolved over 20+ period of intensive study of thousands of executive placements. The average retained search only has a 66% success rate, compared to Talent Partners’ 97% success rate using our engaged search model. Far more important than statistics alone are the millions of dollars that fall to the bottom line when the match is right.


The Summary of Our 32 Step Talent Partners Process
  • The first step in our process is to understand the client’s company (values, goals, diversity, culture, etc.), the specific job description, and what experience/skills the ideal candidate has.
  • The team of seasoned Researchers, Recruiters, and Partners go over the job description, search parameters, requirements, and preferred qualifications of the ideal candidate.
  • We use a SWAT team approach (6 resources)  to quickly conduct a broad search with depth into our clients’ direct and fringe competitors. We source from hundreds of candidate networks and associations, assuring an extensive qualified candidate pool on every search. We work our sources in their entirety to uncover “HI potential” candidates and explore every possible lead.
  • Talent Partners’ strategy focuses on sourcing candidates in the market who are not actively looking, but are open to new opportunities. These passive candidates are proven to be more successful in their roles and have longer tenure being successful.
  • On day 4 of our search, our Managing Partner does a screen-share of potential candidate profiles with the client to get feedback on the direction the search is headed in. This allows for our clients to decide which backgrounds, skills, and qualities are applicable and which ones have little correlation.
  • Once candidate alignment is established, Talent Partners’ Recruiters and Partners begin interviewing to learn about chosen individual's experiences, skills, motivations, and goals. Our Partners screen, qualify, and develop relationships with all candidates destined to make the final cut.
  • We screen share with the hiring manager / client designated hiring team for a brief review on how the shortlist is developing and review backgrounds with market intelligence.
  • On or before day 21, a fully vetted shortlist of candidates is presented to the client for them to choose which qualified candidates they would like to move forward with. We present candidate profiles and executive summaries.
  • We act as a trusted advisor to both our candidates and clients, offering transparency and feedback during the process.
  • Upon completion of the interviewing process and candidate assessments we will work closely with clients in developing the strategy of an appropriate offer that will be accepted by the selected candidate.
  • We typically make the offer and secure a verbal acceptance before a formal offer letter is delivered. We then assist in all logistics issues including the physical move and all other transition issues. Objective feedback is provided on compensation package, arbitration/negotiation, and follow through to ensure a successful transition for the candidate.