Talent Partners Advantage

Talent Partners Process Model

Our recruiting model is two senior recruiters and a research team on every search that’s been perfected over the past 20+ years.

  • Our searches last an average of 3 weeks because we anticipate, negotiate, and ask the hard questions while the average selection process without us is about 12 weeks

  • We assess the candidate’s qualifications, career goals, compensation expectations, and logistical concerns to present only the most qualified individuals

  • We always have a shortlist of qualified candidates, there’s always a second choice candidate and the first choice candidate is aware of that.

  • 97.5% of the offers our candidates receive through us are accepted because we have acted as a third party “buffer” in communications while only 50% of the offers made by companies without the use of a professional recruiter are accepted because communications between company and candidate break down

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Solutions for Our Clients

Commit to us with a small engaged deposit, and we’ll commit to getting it done right. The deposit is offset by the agreed upon fee upon the candidates start date and refundable if we fail to deliver the qualified candidate short list. Our fee for service is kept low by making sure that everything we work on is a qualified need by our clients.

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Talent Partner’s Advantage

When you partner with Talent Partners you’re buying a significant advantage:

  • A proprietary process focused on facilitating matches that work and last. 89% of candidates we place are still employed at the 3 year mark and we have a 100% offer/acceptance ratio. See our Differentiators.

  • 100% follow through on over 1600 search assignments…having never abandoned an uncompleted assignment in 20+ years

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Contact us to inquire about our first time offer to new clients – our results are guaranteed in our SLA.