Talent Partners Industry Expertise

Our approach is very simple. We know the language, technology and landscape and where to find the “needles in the haystacks.” We know what they’ve accomplished for other organizations and what they’re likely able to accomplish for you. Our senior industry recruiters fully understand your needs in order to source, qualify and assess the proper candidates for your short list to interviews. We find the people who have proven successes in their prior positions and offer them a better opportunity in your organization.

We pride ourselves in helping our clients across the full spectrum of executive, senior, and middle management positions. Our expertise includes, but is not limited to, the following areas:


Business & Professional Services:

Accountancy, Audit, Assurance, Tax Advisory & Corporate Finance    Business Information Services  •  ​Business Process Outsourcing    Cybersecurity  •  Digital Services: Cloud services, Mobile, Social Media, & Analytics  • ​ Human Capital Firms  •  Law Firms    IT Services: SaaS, Systems Integration  •  IT Consulting  •  Strategy and Operations Consulting



 Consumer & Hospitality:

Consumer Products  •  Leisure & Hospitality  •  Retail




Digital, Cloud, & Analytics:

Chief Analytics Officers  •  Customer Analytics  •  Marketing Analytics  •  Product Analytics  •  Risk and Compliance Analytics  •  Supply Chain Analytics  •  Human Resources/People Analytics  •  Finance Analytics  •  Chief Data Officers  •  Business Intelligence  •  Data Management  •  Data Architecture​




Higher Education  •  EdTech  •  Digital Education





Chemical  •  Oil & Gas  •  Utilities



Financial Services, Banking, & Insurance:

Asset and Wealth Management  •  Consumer and Commercial  •  Financial Technology  •  Global Banking and Capital Markets  •  Insurance  •  Real Estate



Government & Non-Profit:

DOD  •  Government Contracting Consultancies  •  Higher Education  •  Nonprofit Health & Human Services  •  Public Sector




Healthcare & Life Sciences:

Biotechnology  •  Healthcare Services  •  Medical Devices and Diagnostics  •  Pharmaceuticals  •  Public Health Systems



Industrial, Aerospace, & Automotive

Automotive  •  Aviation, Aerospace and Defense  •  Avionics & Display Systems  •  Industrial Goods  •  Industrial Services  •  Transportation and Logistics



Private Equity & Venture Capital

Assessing and building a board and management team  •  Building out comprehensive succession plans  •  Building Strategic CxO and VP talent in portfolio companies  •  Assessing the talent of M&A opportunities as part of the diligence process




Technology, Media, & Telecommunications:

Analytics  •  Hardware and Electronics  •  Mobile and Communications  •  Software