Talent Partners Functional Expertise

Our approach is very simple. We know the language, technology and landscape and where to find the “needles in the haystacks.” We know what they’ve accomplished for other organizations and what they’re likely able to accomplish for you. Our senior industry recruiters fully understand your needs in order to source, qualify and assess the proper candidates for your short list to interviews. We find the people who have proven successes in their prior positions and offer them a better opportunity in your organization.

We pride ourselves in helping our clients across the full spectrum of executive, senior, and middle management positions. Our expertise includes, but is not limited to, the following areas and positions:


Sales Expertise:   EVP Sales    Chief Sales Officer    SVP of Sales    VP of Sales     Director of Sales     Channel Sales, RSM, Account Executive     Area Director Business Development     Field Sales Manager     Director of Inside Sales     ERP Sales Director     Major Accounts Representative     Global Accounts Leader     Relationship Manager    Practice Leader

marketing executive search firm and recruiters

Marketing Expertise: CMO    VP of Marketing    Director of Marketing     Director of eMarketing     PM eCommerce     Manager of SEO/SEM     Director of Predictive Analytics     Inbound Marketing Director     User Experience Manager     Online Marketing Manager     Social Media Manager    Affiliate Manager    Loyalty Programs Director



engineering executive search firm and recruiters

Engineering Expertise: Head of Engineering    Chief Engineer     Director of Aerospace Engineering     Principal Software Engineer     Electrical Engineer     Lead Engineer – Missile systems     Director of Software Engineering     Head Product Engineer     Director Industrial Engineering     VP Turbine Engineering     Director of Engineering – Automotive     Lead Satellite Engineer     Senior Avionics Engineer     Lead Performance Engineer    Lead Plant Engineer



technology executive recruiters and search firm


Technology Expertise: CIO     CTO     Department Heads of: Analytics     Network and Data Infrastructure    Application, Solutions, Portal & Enterprise Architects     Cyber Security    Consulting Practice Leaders     Advisory     Security    ITIL     ITSM    PMO, Data Centers     ERP     CRM.



finance executive search firm and recruiters


Finance Expertise: Consulting at all levels from Senior Consultant to Managing Director     CFO     Comptroller    Corporate Controller     Plant Controller     VP Audit     Manager     Tax    Treasury     Director, VP and SVP of just about every area in a Fortune 500 company



operations executive search firm and recruiters


Operations Expertise: COO     VP Operations     COO Real-estate Development     Director of Plant Operations     Supply Chain & Procurement Leaders     VP Logistics, Fleet Director    General Manager    Country GM    Operations Director    Head of Processing    Manager of Operations • SVP of Talent Management