Matching Talent to the Job!

The right talent in the right job equals top performance and employee satisfaction, which is exactly what every company wants! After completing the job benchmark and defining talent key performance indicators (KPI’s), you have competencies and attributes that are key to finding the best candidate – the right fit – for the job. Next, you can compare and match the job’s required behaviors and rewards/culture (motivators) to a candidate’s ideal behaviors and motivators. Assuming the candidate has the necessary hard skills (education, experience, etc.) you have the objective information you need to make the best decisions on hiring top talent.

The reason for doing job benchmark assessments is to compare your current employees and all job candidates to the benchmark. Assessing employees’ and candidates’ behaviors and values is crucial to determining if they’re a good fit for the position. Employee assessments and job/talent comparison assessments will show you exactly which candidates are right for the job. Hire only those who match the benchmark assessments and you’ll have a team of superior performers.

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