How’s the Job Market in 2013 ?

The job market continues its swing from being client-driven to one that is dominated by candidate demand. Although 9%+ unemployment sounds high, the skilled experienced talent between 30 -45 is at a major shortage and it is becoming more evident that companies looking to hire are facing hugely increased competition at interview and offer stages within the recruitment process.

Employers are finding candidates rejecting offers at an alarming rate from multiple offers being made simultaneously (see our blog post on multiple offers). Competition is fierce at most experience levels and this is also driving salary levels upwards at an increased rate month-on-month. And there is no shortage of firms who are screaming out to attract quality people right now. Most employers are changing what was an endless multiple interview schedule to a phone screen and one face to face team interview, streamlining the decision process.

Check your skill against job aggregation like and salaries against or and you'll get a fair picture for past compensation and current market demand.

As the frenzy builds, make informed decisions by doing due diligence on the company you’re considering. Jumping from a bad situation to potentially worse one usually happens when a candidates has not done enough research. The employer will do a reference check on you – with tools like and the exiting employee’s area of, you can do the same on them.