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We partner with Global Human Capital Management firms in both software as a service (SaaS) and Consultative Advisory solutions. The term HCM can refer both to a business strategy and a set of modern IT applications and other technologies that are used to implement that strategy. Though sometimes used interchangeably, the terms related HR, HRMS, and HRIS do have subtle distinctions: The benefits of HCM are attracting and Retaining Talent, Optimizing Workforce Management and spending, responding with agility to change, and streamlining HR operations.

97%  success rate on each engaged search

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We bring top talent to the most demanding search assignments.  Don't take our word for it; listen to a few of the many recommendations Talent Partners' Human Capital Management and Talent Management recruiters have received:

  • “Your team delivered short lists on both search assignments within 3 weeks as promised and our team was impressed with your weekly screen share updates and the quality results.” - North American Practice Leader, Global Talent Management Company
  • “In one year, your placement transformed our sales operations, pricing and is credited in increasing revenue over 100%.” updated three years later to add: "...our company has grown 5x since he came in 3 years ago, it was a pivotal transformation for our company." - CEO, 75+mm Emerging Growth SAAS  & Consulting Company
  • “These hires were very critical senior roles, imperative to our future growth plans helping us exceed our revenue goals last year by double digit margins.”  - CEO, Global HCM Consulting Company

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