Talent Partners Differentiators


A money back guarantee on our performance

We have placed over 1,600 executives since 1996

97% Success Rate completing each Engaged Search

We deliver your shortlist in 21 days

At least 6 Talent Partners team members work every search

Weekly screen share to ensure our mutual search success


We are a hybrid retained search firm saving our clients nearly 50% of what they usually pay and getting results in 95% faster than industry average. With Talent Partners you are getting a perfected process over 20+ years that’s designed to deliver candidates who are high impact, superior performance driven professionals capable of being ‘game changers’ who can take business results to higher levels aligned with our Client requirements. We have partnered with several companies to help them transform core business and/or business line by filling multiple critical roles in their organizations.


Key Differentiators

  • Success- We successfully finish 97% of every search we work on Vs retained firms finishing 66% of searches they work on and Contingent firms finishing just 33% of what they work on. We have a money back guarantee on our performance.
  • Speed- Industry Leading Speed to Solution of 21 days vs the industry average of 60 days. Our clients understand that each month a vacancy goes unfilled, they have a cost exposure.
  • Execution Delivery- We have a swat team of six recruiters assigned to every search to cast a wider and deeper net allowing you a better choice of leading talent and Diversity in each search. Our clients understand that a cost of a mis-hire is very expensive and having quality options is a viable option in mitigating that risk.
  • Transparency– Our clients know every week how we’re doing on their search via our screen shares and their input to the candidates we’re speaking to and what is ultimately the candidate short list.
  • ROI– Our search fees are typically ½ of what our competitors charge.