Talent Partners Process Model

You're buying our recruiting expertise and process model. Our recruiting model is two senior recruiters and a research team on every search. We've used variations of this model and perfected it over the past 20+ years. The model with our defined process methodology assures results and the reputation of our score card. Our proprietary technology took us years to perfect and is a well-guarded trade secret. It connects us to hundreds of passive candidate networks and associations assuring an extensive qualified candidate pool on every search. We don't have corporate meetings to attend, committees to chair, politics to navigate or other large corporate policies that generally take recruiters away from their job. We are accomplished executive recruiters; all we do is recruit until the job is complete.

Knowledge of the Market

An experienced recruiter and an established recruiting firm know the market of qualified candidates and positions available in their disciplines. Since our recruiters and researchers each communicate with over 50 candidates each day, they simply have a better assessment of the quality and experience of candidates on the market. We have an immediate, on-going relationship with available candidates.

We know how candidates compare with each other

We meet new candidates in person (unless it’s geographically impossible) to carefully screen them so that we represent only the most qualified individuals. We assess the candidate’s qualifications, career goals, compensation expectations, and logistical concerns. We know what types of candidates are available with what types of qualifications at what salary ranges at all times.

We closely monitor the various fluctuations in the market.

Since most firms don't hire that often, they rarely recognize changes in the types of candidates available for given salary ranges. Our job is to show clients what is available on the market, based on all the qualifications they provide. If a search is at the $95,000 range, for instance, we will provide enough qualified candidates within that range so the client can see what the $95,000 salary would produce.

Knowledge of your competition

It is part of our service to assess the position available in comparison not only to the market of qualified candidates, but also to the positions of other clients who are competing for the same type of candidate. If the position, experience required, salary range, etc. are inconsistent with what the market will bear, we have an obligation not only to inform our clients of that, but to help them come to a conclusion as to what qualifications, etc., would be appropriate.

The selection process, without the use of a professional recruiter, averaged fourteen weeks last year. Our average search was twenty one days. We save you Time and Money with better results.

Because of our reputation and success, we are constantly interviewing and screening qualified candidates. We can produce them faster than client companies can for themselves. Recruiters do this process on a full time basis, while employers only handle this process as the need arises.

Facilitating Communications

The major reason why only 50% of the offers made by companies without the use of a professional recruiter are accepted is because communications between company and candidate break down. This could mean additional production lost. Because we help "manage" the selection process, we advise when the process is breaking down. If we see problems in the interviewing process on the part of our clients, we help them get back on track.

We not only interpret the needs of our clients and candidates, but more importantly, we communicate the needs and desires of both parties from an objective, non-threatening position. The reason why 97.5% of the offers our candidates receive through us are accepted is simply because we have acted as a third party "buffer" in communications. Most often, when a professional recruiter is not used and the initial offer is turned down, the client company has to start all over. Since we always have a short list of qualified candidates, there's always a second choice candidate and the first choice candidate is aware of that.

One reason why our searches only last an average of three weeks, while the average (without us) is approximately twelve weeks, is because we anticipate, negotiate and ask the hard questions. When "things happen" we are prepared to respond quickly and by maintaining a qualified candidate pool our clients always have choices. It is not uncommon for a client to hire the top two candidates in our selection pool.

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