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How multiple offers may hurt you – permanently!

Multiple Job Offers If your skills are in demand, we're back to the employment cycle that may afford you an opportunity to receive multiple employment offers from competing companies. Congratulations! or maybe my condolences - depending on how you handle the situation. If you're collecting all your offers in writing before you've made a decision,…
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How’s the Job Market in 2013 ?

How’s the Job Market in 2013 ? The job market continues its swing from being client-driven to one that is dominated by candidate demand. Although 9%+ unemployment sounds high, the skilled experienced talent between 30 -45 is at a major shortage and it is becoming more evident that companies looking to hire are facing hugely…
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Making a Counteroffer Successfully

How a hiring manager should present a counteroffer to an employee for successful results. Examining why employees really give notice to their company and the different elements to consider before making a counteroffer. IT Services and Talent Partners disclose 15 years of data on employment counteroffers.

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How’s the Job Market in 2012?

How’s the Job Market in 2012? Although what you’re about to read here may be contradictory to what you currently read in the news, keep in mind the recruiting sector is a leading indicator of the markets where payroll and unemployment numbers reported are both lagging indicators and have too many matrixed inaccuracies to discuss…
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Assessment tools in hiring

Hiring the right person for a specific position is one of the biggest challenges in today's business environment. Utilizing Assessment tools increase the probability of a good 'fit' by 50%.

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