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The Stress Test

The Stress Test by Sanford Rose Associates | Jan 3, 2020 Countless articles, including several SRA Updates, have addressed one of the most important tasks given to senior leadership within any organization: the ability to identify the next generation of future leaders within the firm. We look for passionate individuals who wake up each day craving success, but…
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Desire to Inspire – Sanford Rose Associates

Desire to Inspire by Sanford Rose Associates | Nov 4, 2019 Motivate and inspire. The two words are often used interchangeably, echoed perpetually in the minds of any leader trying to spearhead the charge. However, view the two as the same and you are missing a critical component in your evolution as a senior executive. Why? Motivation is…
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How to Earn Your Manager’s Respect

How to Earn Your Manager's Respect We all want to be valued — and be viewed as valuable — at work. But respect isn’t a given; you have to earn it. Whether you have a new manager or have worked with your current boss for years, what can you do to make sure your boss…
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Talent Matters

Talent Matters: The Three Cs to Surviving a Change at the Top Change seems almost inevitable these days. Research from the Arlington-based corporate consultancy CEB shows that in the last three years the average organization has undergone five major changes. While many of those disruptions are company- or industry-dependent, one that nearly every organization will…
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Building a Competency Management Framework

Building a Competency Management Framework Your organization must take the time to put in place an overarching strategic plan for all phases of the design and implementation effort as depicted in the grey-shaded, outer circle of Figure 5. The four critical steps associated with effective competency management are: Plan for Impact, Design, Launch and Engage,…
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Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators Key Performance Indicators or KPIs are what measure the success or efficiency of any given business, organization, or department. All entities define those measures differently, so KPIs are often specific and unique. However, the way businesses and teams create their own KPIs can be similar across the board. Each part of the…
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What’s Your Interviewing Strategy?

Interviewing Strategy As ERE Media points out, the questions an interviewer asks a candidate are important, especially when it comes to hiring an executive because they can speak in subtleties. The interviewer needs to ensure that this decision is handled with care and accuracy, so behavioral interview questions are a fantastic way to learn as…
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Robots Can’t Engage Your Employees

DDI's Plant Leadership Series Robots build vehicles. They pick fruit, saw, cut, and paint. Robots pull, pick, pack, and deliver product in the warehouse. You name the complex task and robots can perform it, even surgery. Robotics is key to most manufacturing operations and has been for 50 years. On the short list of what…
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Resume Mistakes When You Are Over 40

Resume Mistakes When You're Over 40   ONE: We Can't Tell What You Do Professionally Start with a Summary at the top, just under your contact section (don’t list your home address but city and state is important). We need to clearly know what you do professionally and where you're headed in your career. Don't show hiring managers a list…
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