Technology & Process Perfection

Our technology took us years to perfect and is a well guarded trade secret. It connects us to hundreds of passive candidate networks and associations assuring an extensive qualified candidate pool on every search. 20+ years of infrastructure and databases with data mining tools allowing us to view and rate over 10 million passive global candidates (ones not looking for a new opportunity) on every search ensuring our ability to find all the needles in all the haystacks.

Not to say that ACTIVE candidates (looking for a job) are not viable but PASSIVE candidates (not looking for a job) are proven to be more successful in their roles and stay longer than ACTIVE candidates. Job boards give you ACTIVE candidate views which are not usually conducive to surfacing best of breed leaders. Our model focuses on PASSIVE candidates.

All those tools are only as good as the people utilizing them and the assessments that are gained from the extracted information. We are experienced executive recruiters; all we do is recruiting until the job is complete. Our recruiting model is six resources, including a Partner, on every search. Our proprietary technology with our defined process methodology assures results. We don’t have corporate meetings to attend, committees to chair, politics to navigate or other large corporate policies that generally take recruiters away from their job.

Our track record speaks for itself and we encourage you to test the professional scorecard of any search firm you do business with.