Project, Temporary, or Permanent?

Last week’s blog discussed the different types of hires a company can make –  project, temporary, or permanent hires. This week is all about how to decide which type your company needs right now. Whether you need to fill a short-term gap, complete a specific project, or secure long-term leadership, choosing between project, temporary, and…

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Types of Hires

Handshake for the new Agreement

At Talent Partners, our mission is to connect organizations with the right talent to meet their strategic goals. Navigating the complex landscape of hiring can be challenging, especially when considering different types of employment arrangements. The 3 different types of hires (project hires, temporary hires, and permanent placements) has its own pros and cons. We’re…

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FinTech & Talent

The fintech industry is a beacon of innovation, continually reshaping the way we transact, invest, and manage our finances. Behind every successful fintech venture lies a team of visionary leaders, skilled technologists, and strategic minds driving the industry forward. As an executive search firm, we’re able to see how our clients navigate the intricate path…

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